Rating a Car Stereo

Latest innovations in digital audio have pushed Car stereo to be interdependent on them. There has been a shift in the inclusion of many features as a part of standardization looking for autoradio gps navi. The standardization in the Car Stereo systems like the inclusion of USB and Bluetooth technology in order to stream music and make / take hands-free calls have become so common in today’s word. Almost all the leading car stereos have adapted themselves to the newer audio and digital technology. Rating and Reviewing of a car stereo is usually done by taking the following criteria in consideration: 1. The look and design 2. Display 3. Features included to support latest technology 4. Power rating 5. Quality of the material 6. Reputation of manufacturer 7. Price 8. Compatibility. stereo system producing companies that satisfy the maximum number of criteria from the above are usually top rated and preferred by the customers who want to convert their car stereo system in line with the current innovations.